Sarah Iremonger

This website spans more than thirty years of visual art work, from the first paintings in the early 1990's, through the conceptualization of the work in the late 1990's, to the multidisciplinary nature of the practice since then including a recent return to painting.

Iremonger's work uses a multidisciplinary approach of found, created and adapted images, painting, wall painting, drawing, digital media, video and neon.  Based in Co. Cork, Ireland, early work is embedded in the romantic and modernist traditions, with epic implications. Later and recent work investigates the separation between humans and nature, and explores romanticisms failure to address this. By placing the agency of subject matter and personal artistic signature in the background, visual landscape signifiers are hidden in a forest of post-representational camouflage.

To view recent work contact Oliver Sears Gallery
+353 (0)1 6449459 / 33 Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland