Sarah Iremonger

Sarah Iremonger
Solipsism Series / installation view
Digital prints on hahnemühle
 photographic paper mounted on
Left 40 x 48 cm, middle 63 x 98 cm, right 39 x 50 cm

Exhibited as part of 'World View of an Oyster' Macroom Town Hall, Co. Cork 2013.
Sarah Iremonger is a multidisciplinary visual artist, based in Co. Cork, Ireland. Using found, created and adapted images and objects, as well as painting, drawing, photography, digital media, neon and video, to investigate ideas about how we understand and navigate ideas of the interconnectedness of 'being in world'.

Starting with my most recent projects and working backwards, this website spans more than thirty years of work, from painting, through the conceptualization of my work in the late 1990's, to the interdisciplinary nature of my practice and a return to painting since then.