Vessels 2019-20
'Not to perpetuate the ideology of separation' Edward Said

The vessels used in this work come from different countries; these include North America, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria and Sudan. Some are thousands of years old, some hundreds. They have been reduced to transparent silhouettes and superimposed one on top of the other.
The possibility of the idea of a post-representational art form fascinates me. Here I have painted this work from the perspective of colour as transparent light. The framework holding this light, the vessels have been chosen because of their multi-time, multi-national implications.

Representation as an expression of human exceptionalism continues romanticisms idea of our separation from the world. The idea of nature separates us from the natural world, a world we are part of and responsible for. Post-representation, I think, points to a new way of being in the world, as part of it, rather than dominating it to the point of destruction.