Nothing & The Quandary of Painting 1998-2003
Nothing or no thing, not being and nothingness reference ideas around existance, value and relevance. This work was created at a time when my ideas about art were in flux. I needed to make art nothing so that I could rebuild my ideas about what was or was not art, and this included the idea of myself as an artist. The work became a commentary on identity politics and branding. I realized that anything could be art, including found objects and my identity. I embraced the idea of the expanded field and a multidisciplinary approach to making art. I had to test the boundaries. This work opened the door to all my subsequent work, thought and projects. For example in 1998 I held a Studio Sale of all my work to date, I catalogued, listed and priced everything from sketches and note-books to larger paintings.

In 1999 I created A Practical Handbook for the Making of Artworks titled The Quandary of Painting, this was an unbound visual book in four chapters: Representation?; The Grid (Failed Representation?); History Possibility? and Nothing. Consisting mainly of drawings in the form of notes, photographs, photocopies and colaged postcards. This work explored ideas for the making of artworks, some were realised, some were not and some are still being realised.

Sarah Iremonger 2016