Image: Re:Group - Fragments in Constellation collaborative exhibition project with Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre and Skibbereen Arts Festival 2022

This website spans more than thirty years of Sarah Iremonger's visual art practice from the first oil paintings in the early 1990s to the conceptualisation of the work in the late 1990s; a site-specific multi-media approach through the 2000s; a return to painting since 2014 and recent developments in text-based and digital artwork.

Art for me is about exploring conscious 'being' in an image-saturated world and the complexity of meaning this creates for reality. What strategies for making images are relevant in a post-representational world, as Boris Groys suggests in his 2009 article for e-flux 'Comrades of Time' social media has made contemporary artists of us all where there are no spectators. Based in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland, working with text, photography, murals, painting, drawing, badges, cards, found images, video, neon and digital technology. Early work consisted of oil painting on a large scale and was embedded in romantic and modernist traditions with epic implications. Later works attempted to attain a kind of entanglement with the world through site-specific installations that explored representation in a post-colonial context.

A return to painting since 2014 has focused on the adaptation of found images, using them to create complex multilayered abstract images where visual signifiers become hidden in a forest of post-representational camouflage. A second series of paintings uses Venn diagrams to guide a self-directed systematic approach to making paintings, prioritising a scientific approach and placing self-expression in the background.

Recent text-based work is based on notebooks collected over thirty years exploring ideas of meaning and non-meaning, in this work the texts are reframed and reorganised in the style of an epic non-rhyming stream-of-consciousness prose poem which reveals the process of creating in the artwork itself. New developments in digital art see drawings from the Horizons project transformed into virtual 3-D landscapes exploring ideas of situationlessness and liminal perception.

To view recent work contact Oliver Sears Gallery
+353 (0)1 6449459 / 33 Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland